0-1-5 Offices - 15th Ave, Tauranga

Architecture F+D=A was initially commissioned to provide master planning advice on an existing brown-field site in Tauranga. On the basis of this work the client commissioned Architecture F+D=A to undertake the Resource Consent documentation which has now been completed, and the 2,800sq.m. office building is currently being marketed to potential occupants.

As the client is investigating the option for the project to be a Greenstar rated building, Architecture F+D=A, as Greenstar accredited professionals, have already submitted and had approved a ‘Determination’ for an alternative solution for the conditional credit ECO-1. Due to the proximity of the project site to a natural wet land, compliance with this credit is a prerequisite of being able to obtain a rated building.

The brief for building was to provide an unpretentious and welcoming, but modern urban working environment. Economics of construction were also important in an increasingly competitive leasing market. The ‘L-shaped’ building mass is broken down visually into two separate volumes that provide easy tenancy division and flexible leasing options, and is separated by a more transparent central atrium that acts as the vertical circulation route. The upper two stories project over the ground floor plate, both for dramatic effect, and pragmatically, affording a weather overhang to pedestrians walking from the car park.