2-12 Great South Road - Papakura

1028 Great South Road is a site with a long history. It was formally a dairy processing plant in the 1940s but it has sat unused for many years, and while much of the building stock was not suitable for retention; there was also a significant robustly built storage warehouse that was very suitable for reuse.

Following the redevelopment of the storage warehouse, Architecture F+D=A was commissioned to provide an Options Report for the potential development of the balance of the site. Taking into consideration the tenant of the redeveloped warehouse, this therefore informed the nature of our response.

In addition, the Consenting Authority at the time Papakura District Council, also placed heavy restrictions on the composition of any development, with protection of the Papakura CBD cemented into the District Scheme.

As is always the case, external powers also impact the course of a development, and the demise of the redeveloped warehouse tenant, allowed a rethink of the Masterplan.

Further work has now suggested a more lifestyle orientated precinct; including a greater food offering, and capitalising on the adjacent stream bounding the site.