Harvey Norman Centre, Cnr 14th Ave & Cameron Road, Tauranga

F+D=A were the base building documentation architects for this project which was delivered using a Design Build strategy, with F+D=A novated to the Main Contractor .The development consists of two separate projects:

The first stage was the refurbishment of an existing, vacant 3,000 sqm ‘Foodtown’ supermarket. Dealing with major ‘aged’ building stock such as this always has its own challenges. Significant earthquake strengthening was required. Prudent thought was required to determine the exact extents of aesthetic refurbishment necessary to the existing structure. Due to age significant deferred maintenance scope was required and as expected when the existing structure was opened up additional scope was discovered. Despite this difficulty the resultant building is a dramatic change from the existing.

The building was divided into two tenancies, Harvey Norman required 1,600sq.m. with an additional 1300sq.m. adjacent.

The second stage was the creation of an additional 1600sqm. retail building to provide additional income return from the site, and to increase the sites ‘retail gravity’ as a trading entity in the busy Cameron Road retailing environment.