City Side Business Village - 120 Hamilton Street, Tauranga

Architecture F+D=A was initially commissioned to provide master planning advice on a green field opportunity on a topographically and geotechically challenging commercial site in Tauranga with great potential and views to the Tauranga harbour. Various schemes of different intensities type and configurations were considered in terms of feasibility to decide which is to be taken to the next stage.

Ultimately a boutique, low rise office development comprising potentially 18, 100 sq.m. units over two levels was the solution, and it is this concept that was progressed through to the completed product.

The aesthetic model chosen by Architecture F+D=A in response to the client brief was the use of traditional elements, such as arches, cornices, corbels and architraves, onto a simple repeated form. Individual units were moved backwards and forwards to provide further articulation and grouped into rows of 2 or 3 and more units, to allow for flexibility of tenancy size, and to provide a ‘village’ atmosphere to the development.