Cobb & Co Restaurants

Cobb & Co Tauranga, Whakatane, Taupo,Rotorua, Dunedin and Papanui in Christchurch represent the culmination of efforts from a team of Architects, marketing experts and operations staff, and are the first in the series of new generation sites for the iconic New Zealand institution of Cobb & Co restaurants. Implanted into the psyche of many New Zealanders, the new Cobb & Co environment has been brought up to date while still paying homage to that which made the Cobbs of the past great.

Won by an invited competition process, Architecture F+D=A has provided the concept that has transformed the Cobb & Co brand.

A friendly welcoming, and quirky yet firmly contemporary environment, the architecture is intended to fuse new with old and is designed to put Cobb & Co firmly back on top of the stack of NZ family restaurants.