Gate Pa Retail Centre - Cameron Road, Tauranga

Gate Pa represents the ongoing expansion of the existing 3,000sq.m. Gate Pa Convenience Retail Centre, Cameron Road Tauranga.

Stage 1 was the insertion of additional anchor tenancies to augment the gravity of the centre as a whole. This included a the insertion of a new 2,000 sqm ‘Spotlight’ and a 1350 sqm. ‘Rays Outdoors’ on a underutilised area at the rear of the site. This necessitated the formation of an access through the main trading front. At risk of resulting in a tenuous link, F+D=A ensured a minimum opening width and employed other strategies including a flared entry, natural light, continuity of the exterior materials to a half-way point through the route and the opening out of adjacent tenancies to minimize the perception of length, maximise interest and to increase the vitality of the space.

Stage 2 included the creation of a break though part of the short leg of the existing ‘L’ shaped centre to allow a vehicular and pedestrian link to amalgamate the adjoining sites anchor tenant, Mega Mitre10, into the Gate Pa centre.

Further stages are ongoing.