IT Training Institute - Glenn Innes, Auckland

Architecture F+D=A has successfully completed the refurbishment and modernisation of an existing commercial office building.

Originally built in the 50’s and extended in the 70’s the project has included all of the challenges of working with an existing structure, aiming to minimise cost; while still ensuring the provision of an impressive final form. Another challenge of this development was the requirement to maintain the operation of the tenant’s business during the upgrade.

The project included the replacement of all external cladding and aluminium joinery to provide a compliant cavity system and a new overlay roofing system to remove the existing complex internal guttering system.

Architecture F+D=A has retained the cantilevered aesthetics of the 70’s extension but have replaced the original heavy supporting wall and beam system with relatively slender precast concrete piloti, enabling a dramatically increased feeling of openness and light to the customer entrance and reception area. The façade is a combination of a metallic aluminium composite panelling ‘frame’ and compressed sheet interior.