Jade Dragon - Skycity, Auckland

Jade Dragon was the rebirth of the previous long standing, though tired Ming Court Yum Char restaurant that had been operating since the inaugural opening of Skycity.

The intention was initially just to titivate the existing design, however as F+D=A developed the concept, the Skycity team could see that a much more comprehensive fitout was justified.

We provided a welcoming contemporary Chinese environment, taking into account the requirements of Feng Shui, though with signature F+D=A quirkiness. The use of interesting materials such as translucent mica stone, shellac amber screens and flocked lotus wallpaper ensured a unique environment.

The new Jade Dragon ‘device’ was translated by F+D=A into a three metre high bespoke carved feature that dominates the end of the promenade entry to the main dining space, oversize custom Chinese lanterns, some 2.7 metres high and 7 metre high banners ensure that the new restaurant enjoys visual prominence into the busy Skycity atrium environment, from its mezzanine location.