Planet incorporating Botannix Café, Greville Road, Albany

The interior fitout of 1,000m² garden centre including a 100m² café (50m² interior and 50m² exterior)

The project brief was to transform the traditional model of a garden centre into a new generation 21st century lifestyle precinct; maintaining the sense and relaxed essence of a Garden Centre model, while adding many more product lines. The provision of a successful food offer was determined as critical to extend the duration of a customer visit, and therefore the customer spend, and encouraged female visitation.

The typical issue in such a large space is to ensure that all areas within the fitout maintain vitality; to encourage the customer to move through the shopping experience without missing anything.

Our solution was to place the café geographically centered within the site, at the intersection of the main ‘traffic routes’. In this location it becomes a vital asset and has the best chance of success as the foot traffic is at a maximum.

A major joinery feature is used at the far end of store, to draw the eye right to end of the fitout. The usable space is maximised by locating the office on a mezzanine level.

The flooring has been treated to remove the usual concrete grey, without removing the serviceability of concrete.

The café is provided with an eclectic mix of furniture and the carpet is envisaged as retro picnic mats for a familiar appeal. Booths are located at its edges to define its extents while maintaining a flow between the retail and the hospitality spaces.

Peripheries in the plan are provided with friendly curves to humanize and to remove difficult-to-work-with corners.