Trade Central - Amohau Street, Rotorua

Amohau Street is an example of the complex master planning role that can provided by Architecture F+D=A, and represents F+D=A’s long term commitment to a project delivery.

A large site, with many potential options as to potential development oand complex physical parameters, a number of professionals including engineers, planners and development managers were brought together to contribute towards the decision making process.

Architecture F+D=A was commissioned to spearhead the working group committee, develop options for analysis, and compile the overall report that will be provided to and utilized by the client to determine the future development for the site.

It was F+D=A’s first commissioned project, back in 2005, and has just resulted in 2012-2013, the completion of Stage 1; Provision of the Site Anchor, a 7,000 sqm ‘Mega Mitre10, and Stage 2; Addition of 1200 sqm large format retail space. All in general accordance with the F+D=A generated masterplan.

It is with great pleasure that we see our initial masterplan work now coming to fruition.